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We seek to develop you to be successful business leaders of tomorrow. But we need your commitment to learn, to imbibe and contribute to the process. We believe that achievement is high when each member of the team does everything he can without even being required to do so. It focuses on enabling participants to develop a global perspective, be futuristic in orientation and become result oriented by integrating strategy with implementation. By encouraging you to learn more based on research and application, the learning pedagogy will challenge you, excite you and lead you to dream big, sharpen your analytical skills and gain endurance to face the complex reality of life. It will enhance the much needed leadership and people skills to save you from becoming a solo genius.

Everyone has the potential to make waves. It’s the right environment, guidance & emphasis on quality education that we bring to our students. We at AIM, ensure that all our students get the ideal launch pad for their career in Management.

Welcome to APEX INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (AIM). Apex Institute of Management was founded by “Panchsheel Foundation ” (Regd No786/2001) and established in the year 2001 under the Govt. of Maharashtra. At heart of this effort is the Youth in Global Business & better Management Studies in the Country. At AIM, we not only understand change but actively encourage it. Management education is more than just academics. Inculcating the winning attitude and empowering students with all the skills necessary to take on the dynamics of a challenging corporate world. Our aim is that we excel in it.

B-school education has been acknowledged by businesses across the world as the ideal grounding for an ambitious & successful career in management. In India, this belief was strengthened with the opening up of economy.

The resultant burst of multinational activity emphasized on professional management. The need for specialists’ educated for the very purpose of running a business was well established. In response to this need, B-schools sprang up across the country.