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To incorporate into academic activities and curricula the values of global social responsibility.

Breakthrough Thinking - We foster academic vigor in an environment conductive to innovation.

Result Oriented, Process Driven work Ethic - We adopt dynamic quality processes to ensure accountability and Exceptional performances.|

Nurturing a bright future for the corporate world by developing socially responsible individuals.

To be a Prime Management Education Organization.
For Asian economy to sustain its growth, a more creative approach to business leadership and entrepreneurship is necessary. We distinctly focus on developing entrepreneurial mind-set, internationalization, innovation and creativity, and social responsibility. These themes run concurrently in all courses at AIM. We offer the art and craft of global business leadership to students to enable them to build their careers in Business and Management and to lead the high-performing domestic and multinational organizations or start their own enterprises.

AIM believes that India has a large pool of entrepreneurial talent that can become world class by learning to collaborate with the best in the world. The growth of the House of AIM is itself an example of this strength and the vision. AIM has unique mission of developing entrepreneurial talent and producing socially responsible entrepreneurial leaders in India and other Asian countries to create and lead globally competitive and innovative enterprises

Our Mission is to provide managerial talent with risk managing ability, passion for learning and creative thinking and, values in rapidly evolving economic and social environment. Contribute significantly to Indian corporate world by preparing management graduates with global mindset.