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Director's Message

Prof. U.K. Soni (Director)

Dear Friends,

Today, I would like to talk to you about life management skills.
At the time of birth of a human being, many characteristics are present in latent form. There is a great potential for their development in a variety of ways.

For proper development of the various functions of the human body and mind, suitable condition, time and efforts are required. This development of various aspects of personality is a life long process.

For a human being to be able to survive and function effectively in the environment, he has to learn and develop many life management skills.
An interaction is always taking place between a person and other elements in the surrounding. Some elements may be living and some other elements may be non-living. Some events are always taking place in the environment of a person. These events may sometimes produce positive effect and sometimes negative effect on the person.

A person has to continuously adjust to the changes taking place in the environment. The concept of life management skills refers to this adjustment.
We may make an attempt to understand the various parameters in the life of a person. Here, we observe a very important parameter that is every person is bestowed with a will power.

A person has a choice to decide what to do and what not to do. He has the ability to think about various alternatives in a given situation. He has also a choice to select any one from a possible set of alternatives.

A person is bestowed with an ability to think mentally and also the ability to express the thoughts through the action-organs. Thus, a person has the ability to produce some effect on the environment by his actions and outward expressions.

The environment produces some effect on a person. At the same time, the person also produces some effects on the other elements of the environment. Thus, there is a continuous interaction between a person and his environment.

Life management skills refers to our qualities and abilities to face the various situations in our life span. We have to make assessment of the situation, which is in fact one of a series of ever changing situations. We have to think and act in a given situation in an effective way. Thus, our personal effectiveness depends on the development of our life management skills.

Nature has gifted a human being with the ability to learn from the experiences. From my point of view, the most important quality given by nature to us is the ability to learn. We have to try to make maximum use of this learning ability.

This ability is available to us throughout our life span. Only requirement is that we have to decide to make use of this gift of nature.
It is necessary to make conscious and deliberate efforts for the development of various aspects of our personality.

A diamond has to be properly cut, ground and polished to make it glitter. We are all diamonds produced in mines of nature. We need to make efforts and to undergo various processes of learning and development, so that bright shining light may emerge from us like a star.

At APEX Institute of Management (AIM), we firmly believe in imparting life management skills along with state of the art Management, Engineering and Computer Applications courses.

Let it be my privilege to welcome You to the world of AIM…