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Examination Procedure

Important Note: The student is required to log-into their Student Login Portal (SLP), from time to time.

To give the exam request, a student will be required to enter into the Student Login Portal (SLP) and place an online request. The Examination request can be given in the following months only, and between the given dates:

  1. January 1st - 15th
  2. April 1st – 15th
  3. July 1st – 15th
  4. October 1st – 15th

Once the student is registered for the Examination, a confirmation will be generated in the View Examination Status, in the Student Login Portal.

The examination question paper download link will be available in the Student Login Portal (SLP) in the following months only, and between the given dates:

  1. January 21st – 30th  
  2. April 21st – 30th      
  3. July 21st – 30th  
  4. October 21st – 30th

The student must download the question papers and print the same between the above given dates. The hand written Answer Sheets must be Submitted via courier (NOTE: Please retain a Photo-Copy of the answer sheets with you.) by 5th of the next month in which candidate is registered for the Examination.

Project Submission ::

  1. For students of MBA 4th Semester examination:
  2. Please select a topic on any one of your selected specializations and prepare a project report on the same as advised by your counselor.

  3. For students of DMS examination:
  4. Project Synopsis and Thesis Report must also be submitted along with the answer sheets.
    Ex., if Student has registered for January 21st – 31st examination, s/he must send the courier with the Answer Sheet by 5th of February to the Apex Institute of Management - (Exam Dept.) 3rdFloor, Nipane Bhavan, Opp. Batukbhai Jewelers, Near Chavhan Traders, West High Court Road, Dharmpeth, Nagpur-440010, Phone No. +91 920 940 3676.


The Results for the Examination will be available in the Student Login Portal (SLP), on the following dates ::

  1. 10th March (Or the next working day)
  2. 10th June (Or the next working day)
  3. 10th September (Or the next working day)
  4. 10th December (Or the next working day)

In case of any disparity with the result, Apex Exam Dept. will consider the requests for Re-Evaluation and Re-Examination on submission of a DD/Cheque/Cash payment for Rs. 1000/- only, in favor of  “Apex Institute of Management, Nagpur”.
The Re-Evaluation form is available on the Apex website. The Apex Exam Dept. will consider the requests for the same only in the following months and given dates subject to receipt of re-evaluation fees.

  1. Mar  11th – 25th
  2. Jun  11th – 25th
  3. Sep  11th – 25th
  4. Dec  11th – 25th

Any request given after the given period, will not be considered. The username and password for the Student Login Portal (SLP) will be available to all students in the Admission Letter which is issued upon registration for any course, or they may collect the same by calling on:  – +91 920 940 3676.

ExaminationFormat ::

Apex Institute of Management students’ are assessed based on course work and examination for every program. AIM functions with the philosophy that the three-hour class room examination system is old fashioned as it only puts additional stress on students. We believe practical Objective / Multiple Choice based exams are the actual examination pattern to bring out the Real Manager level thinking capacity from the students. Further, the candidates have also to give an Internal Assignment Paper to complete their examination process. The candidates can easily register for the Online Exam. In this mode the students are examined for their theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Each Paper will consist of 35 Multiple Choice Questions bearing 2 marks each (35*2=70 marks) and Internal Assignment Paper of 30 Marks bringing the total marks for each paper to 100.

An Internal Assignment Paper will be undertaken for examination for all students. This is a mandatory part of the examination and evaluation process. Students will be evaluated on their subject knowledge and practical life experiences. Internal Assignment Question will be of 30 marks for each subject. This question will be given to you with your question paper. 

For any student who has applied for a given examination session (like January/April/July/October), and is unable to give the exam during the said session, the institute will consider such exam aspirants as ABSENT, and the result will be published with the remark 'Absent-Fail'. Such students will be required to make a fresh application for the next examination session. However, they will be required to make a DD/Cheque/Cash payment of Rs.1000/- towards Re-Examination Fees.

Solution/Answering the Theory Question is compulsory for each student. Any student leaving the theory section blank, will be marked as FAILED in the examination.

Failure in submitting necessary documents in order to complete the process of registration will result to non-eligibility from examination.